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RTA Makes 12.6 Gigawatt-Hour Electric Power Savings In 2017

Dubai – Massader News

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it had made electric power saving as much as 12.6 Gigawatt-Hour in 2017, in addition to reducing carbon emissions by 5,430 tons. Making such savings contributes to realising RTA’s strategic objective of nurturing a sustainable environment through saving power consumption.

“A plan has been endorsed to replace the conventional street-lighting units of HID type by LED lights, following savings amounting to 50% resulting from Traffic and Roads Agency’s pilot project of replacing HID by LED units in several areas of Dubai”, said Eng. Maitha bin Adai, CEO of RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency.

RTA is committed to realising the vision of Dubai Government for sustainable development through introducing power-saving plans. The replacement of HID lights by LED lights is part of the its power-saving initiatives, which include the partial switching off of lights in residential areas and revising the street-lighting hours while taking into consideration the security and safety of road users.

“The resultant power savings is expected to reach 22 Gigawatt-Hour in 2018, i.e. almost double of that achieved in 2017. It is equally important to promote the positive environmental practices as it leads to a substantial change in environmental, economic and social attitudes,” concluded Maitha.

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