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Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Inaugurates The 9th Sharjah Stamp Exhibition

Dubai – Masaader News

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Media Council, today (Tuesday) inaugurated the 9th edition of the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition at Mega Mall Sharjah. The exhibition, being organised by the Emirates Philatelic Association in cooperation with Mega Mall Sharjah from November 13-17. The exhibition sees the participation of prominent stamp and coin dealers and exhibitors from 17 countries showcasing their collections on 120 platforms.

The exhibition opening was attended by Abdullah Khoury, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association; Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr, Mohammed Sorour, Marketing Manager of Mega Mall Sharjah; and a number of experts and arbitrators from around the world, as well as a large group of exhibitors and collectors. The exhibition attracted a large crowd of visitors as well as representatives of the media.

Speaking on the occasion, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi said, “Sharjah is celebrated as the cultural and tourism capital of the country and the region due to its ability to attract people who have varied and different interests. The emirate is not only a destination for family and cultural tourism, it also attracts people of varying interests and tastes from across the region, including collectors of coin and currency, for whom this exhibition will be their first choice to develop their collections and learn more about the diverse mix of cultures documented in the precious stamps on display.”

The SMC Chairman toured the exhibition and reviewed the collections of unique and rare stamps. He also reviewed the platforms of a number of exhibitors, showcasing their most popular stamps and currencies. He lauded the successful organisation and arrangements of the exhibition, which continues to grow in popularity year after year.

The exhibition features a number of activities such as auction of rare postage stamps and currencies, which is expected to attract serious hobbyists from across the region, as well as educational lectures and seminars by international arbitrators and experts who are visiting Sharjah especially to participate in the exhibition.

Mohammed Sorour, Marketing Manager of Mega Mall Sharjah, welcomed the exhibition’s visitors from in and outside the country, who can enjoy the special facilities and services offered at Mega Mall. He stressed that the Mega Mall management have provided a variety of facilities to guests and participants, as well as tourists who are visiting Sharjah exclusively for the exhibition. The exhibition reaffirms Sharjah’s status as a leading destination for tourism, shopping and cultural activities.

Abdullah Khoury, President of the Emirates Philatelic Association, stated that the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition has become the preferred destination and event for collectors of stamp and currency looking to expand their collections, and acquire both new and rare stamps made available at the event. He expressed his confidence that the increase in the number of participants from year to year, as well as the continuous increase in the number of visitors, is proof that this hobby has a large following.

It’s worth noting that Palestine Post is the guest of honour at the Sharjah Stamp Exhibition, which is its first participation in the event. It offers enthusiasts the opportunity to review the prominent historical periods documented by stamps from Palestine, as well as acquire collections of new postage stamps. A group of International arbitrators and coordinators from Indonesia and Singapore are also participating in the exhibition for the first time.

The exhibition will feature the participation of 3 international and Arab currency grading companies, which include PMG (Paper Money Guaranty), PCGS Currency, and DIM (Dinar Islamic Museum), the first Arab company to evaluate paper currencies. These companies will attract the interest of collectors of paper currency who would like to evaluate their collection of currencies, in order to preserve their value and ensure that they are not exposed to any damage.

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