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Who Would Help France? (VIDEO)

France Asks For Help to Re-build Notre Dame Cathedral

 Dubai – Masaader News 

France’s president, Macron, said: “We will rebuild Notre Dame because this is what the French expect, because this is what our history deserves, because it is our destiny.”

A Video by World Economic Forum

After that, French billionaires and major companies have pledged to donate at least 600 million euros to help reconstruct the Notre Dame Cathedral after a catastrophic fire.

François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of the international luxury group Kering, donate 100 million euros to the cathedral’s reconstruction.

Pinault, who is also president of holding company Groupe Artémis, donate 100 million euros.

Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of luxury goods group LVMH, donate 200 million euros.

French cosmetics company L’Oreal, as well as its principal shareholder, the Bettencourt Meyers family and their charitable foundation, also pledged a combined 200 million euros.

Andrey Andreev, the founder of the dating app Badoo, also pledged Tuesday to donate 100% of the app’s April profits from its 22 million users in France to the reconstruction of the cathedral.

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