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France: Free breakfasts to boost students performance

Dubai – Masaader News

France is taking steps towards hanger in the world. Growing minds need fuel, but 1 in 8 children in certain French schools are starting a day off learning on an empty stomach, according to World Economic Forum.

UK university researchers have found a meaningful link between healthy breakfast foods and primary school children’s SAT test scores.

The scientists said their study backed other research suggesting that eating breakfast foods such as oats, with a lower glycaemic index that release energy steadily throughout the morning, “may have a positive effect on students’ cognitive functioning, health, school attendance and academic outcomes”.

In short, breakfast helps children concentrate and to remember what they have learned.

Global hunger is rising. According to the United Nations, one in nine people in the world (821 million) is undernourished.

But by giving schoolchildren breakfast for free, France and other countries are taking steps to tackle it.

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