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Turkey Warns Europe: I Will Open The Door to Migrants

Dubai – Masaader News

Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey President, has warned Europe that he may reopen the route for Syrian refugees to enter Europe if it does not get more international support for creating a safe zone in northern Syria, according to BBC.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for “logistical support” to establish a safe zone in Syria’s north-east.

“Either this happens, or we will be forced to open the gates,” he said.

Turkey is hosting more than 3.6 million Syrians who have fled the civil war. The US backs the “safe zone” plan.
“Our goal is for at least one million of our Syrian brothers to return to the safe zone we will form along our 450km [280-mile] border,” Mr Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara.

“Give us logistical support and we can go and build housing at 30km depth in northern Syria.”

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