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Filkhedma Application is a breakthrough in home maintenance field through a 1000-technicians e-platform

By – Mohamed Kamal – 30 September 2019

Filkhedma, Egypt’s first online application for home maintenance services, has achieved an unprecedented breakthrough in the field, which in turn ended the suffering of the people in their search for technicians and ensured the highest quality work possible and in the fastest time as well.

Omar Ramadan, founder and CEO of Filkhedma, said the company offers repairs and installations in plumbing, carpentry, electricity, air conditioning, alumital, dishes and home appliance repairs.

He explained that customers can request the service through the company’s website or call it where technicians are deployed to carry out the repair, fix the price of the needed service and time of booking.

“Filkhedma is keen to identify the extent of customer satisfaction with the service provided through evaluations and complaints. The company also gives a one-month warranty on the repairs carried out” he said.

Ramadan also said that Filkhedma’s innovative thinking and its ability to add value and reach the largest customer base in the market in a short period of time “has increased the confidence of direct investment funds that have already injected investments in the company’s capital. “Algebra” and “Glint” funds initially pumped USD300 thousand and then another USD800 thousand equivalent to EGP20 million.”

These funds are mainly spent in the regular development of the Application through applying the latest technologies and the company marketing campaigns in addition to attracting new technical cadres.

“Filkhedma started its activity with a capital of one million pounds and its first branch was opened in New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement and then expanded to include branches in Maadi, Nasr City and Heliopolis. The company has a wide customer base of major real estate development companies owning residential compounds projects in the cities of new urban communities and the north coast as well as famous and world chains of restaurants and cafes in its different branches in the Fifth Settlement, Zamalek and Maadi.” he pointed out.

Filkhedma has 500 technicians on its electronic platform and also aims to raise the number to reach 1000 by end of the year. The number of direct employees is about 60, including 12 technicians, Ramadan added.

The company started its activity in the Egyptian market since 2014 and was able to increase the volume of business by 5 times during 2018, while from April to August 2019 the volume of business was increased by 4 times.

The company’s CEO referred the rapid growth in business volume to “Filkhedma’s success in reaching the largest number of customers and communicating its innovative idea by providing home maintenance services electronically through the company’s website and its application.”

The company started to expand internally since last year by providing its services to the North Coast and continued to do so during this summer.

As the company depends on skillful and enthusiastic young people, Ramadan illustrated that “the structure of the company’s employees and management staff depends on young people from 22 to 35 years old.”

Filkhedma offers home maintenance services of the highest quality and adopting the policy of applying modern technological methods through service providers of technicians who take into account the quality, seriousness, commitment and cleanliness. The prices of services provided by the company are at the same market prices.

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