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Egypt’s “OUD” launches phase 2 of “AZADIR” in New Cairo

By – Mohamed Kamal

Egypt’s Orientals for Urban Development “OUD” launches phase 2 of “AZADIR” in New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement with lowest loading rates.

Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis the company board of directors said: AZADIR achieved a difficult equation by providingluxurious units with innovative spaces and competitivepricesAfter achieving the highest sales in the first phase and continuing itsleadership in launching distinctive projects in the Egyptian market,Orientals for Urban Development (OUD) – one of the subsidiaries of theleading national group of Oriental Weavers – celebrated the launch of thesecond phase “Presidential suites” of AZADIR compound in New Cairo.The celebration took place in the presence of OUD leaders and successpartners of consultants and real estate marketers.

AZADIR compound spans over a total area of 70,000 meters in the mostupscale neighborhoods of New Cairo, while the project’s constructionrate is 18.5% of the total area. OUD has been keen to implement thelowest proportion of buildings in the project for larger green spaces andservices.The property developer said it will plant more than 1000 Neem trees withits health benefits including density of shade. The project includes largegardens planted with healthy plants and colorful flowers, interspersedwith walking and jogging paths under the branches of trees.There are no inner streets in the middle of greenery and buildings,making the community of AZADIR quiet and safe for children to play.

A ring road around the compound is being implemented with only 5% ofthe total area as well as garages sufficient to meet the needs of theresidents and visitors.OUD has been keen to select the land of the project in a special locationcharacterized by 100% of sun and air availability to contribute to thecreation of a healthy integrated environment.All buildings in AZADIR are designed in a classical architectural stylewith modern integration to satisfy all tastes.

The buildings have hotel-like entrances at the highest level, as well as avariety of services, including a large commercial center includes thelargest brands and club house, including a swimming pool, kids playarea, cafes and restaurants, and a large meeting room for residents ofthe compound and a 24-hour security personnel.  Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis, the owner and member of the Board of Directors of OUD, started his speech by conveying the message of  Mohammed Farid Khamis, the founder of the OrientalWeavers Group, to the employees of the company where he urged themto complete the work progress and successes achieved recently by OUD. “Work hard without fear or concern and do not pay attention to any falsenegative messages that raise concerns about the future of Egypt.”,Khamis said.”Egypt is a great country, and its wise leadership will push for furtherdevelopment,” said Mohamed Farid Khamis in his message.

Mohamed Mohamed Farid Khamis stressed that OUD has managedthrough “AZADIR” project to achieve the difficult equation by providingluxury units at the highest level in one of the distinctive areas in the FifthSettlement with innovative areas and competitive prices to suit the needsof customers in the current time.He said that the second phase of “AZADIR” includes housing units withareas of 55, 90 to 135 meters.

He pointed out that innovative design studies were developed incooperation with AZURE, the project consultant.“These designs allow for the reduction of load ratio in residential unitsand good division to make the client feel that the unit with an area of 55meters is equivalent to 100 meters.” He said.He explained that the loading rates in “AZADIR” does not exceed 20%and is considered the lowest rates in a residential community.

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