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Rockets Hit Israel from Gaza after Abu al-Ata’s Killing

Dubai – Masaader News

Tuesday morning the IDF said Islamic Jihad was behind more than 100 rockets fired into Israel from Gaza, with dozens intercepted by Israel’s aerial defense system. Two people sustained light injuries when a rocket narrowly missed their car as they were driving in the eastern outskirts of Ashdod, according to CNN.

The IDF said dozens of rockets were intercepted by its aerial defense systems.
Israel ordered all schools and workplaces in Tel Aviv, as well as cities near Gaza to the country’s south, to close.

A senior commander of Gaza Strip militant group Islamic Jihad was among ten people killed in Israeli air strikes on Tuesday.

The developments serve to escalate significantly tensions between Israel and Gaza militants. Baha Abu al-Ata was killed in an overnight strike on a house in Shajaiyah, in Gaza City. His wife Asma Abu Al-Ata was also killed, as well as four others belonging to Islamic Jihad’s armed wing the Quds Brigade.

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