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Egypt Wins Second Among Best World Diving Places

Cairo – Masaader News 

Egypt won the second place as the best diving destination in the world according to the vote conducted by the international diving magazine “Dive Travel ” for the year 2019, according to Akhbar al youm.

Dive Travel is one of the most important international magazines in the field of diving.The vote for this competition lasted for a year with the participation of more than 30,000 divers around the world. Indonisia came in the first place, followed by Egypt then Mexico.

Egypt have more than 400 recorded species of coral reefs, hundreds of fish species, 20% of which are endemic, in addition to stunning diving spots such as Ras Mohammed , the brothers islands, (St. John) reefs in Marsa Alam and the famous sunken wreckage of the English ship SS Thistlegorm.

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