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Do We Need New Social Media Networks ?

Dubai – Masaader News 

Do we really need new social media networks? and why?

Reputation of the current social networks seems to sink every week. From Facebook to Twitter, from Snapchat to Instagram, concerns about everything from fake news to cyber-bullying are making many people wonder whether there is a better way to communicate online, according to BBC.

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, tells us why he thinks he has the answer. He has launched a new social network WT.Social, which is ad-free and promises high-quality content.

If you pay a fee you can join straightaway, if not you have to wait for a while and hope that an existing member invites you in. At the moment it looks like a very bare-bones web-based operation – there is no app – but already more than 300,000 people have expressed an interest in joining.

It certainly sounds like an attractive proposition but much will depend on whether enough people pay to provide the funds to take the project forward. An app, which will be vital to making WT.Social a user-friendly experience, will come in the first half of next year if there is enough cash to hire developers.

Many people say they do not like the current social media model – the problem is convincing them to move to an unfamiliar place where they may fear there will be nobody they know.

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