Thieves Steal Priceless Jewels from German Museum

Dubai – Masaader News

Thieves stole priceless jewels from a German museum in the early hours of Monday in a lightning raid on one of Europe’s greatest collections of treasures, police said.

They forced their way into Dresden’s Gruenes Gewoelbe, or Green Vault Museum and got away with at least three sets of early 18th century jewellery, including diamonds and rubies, museum staff told Reuters reporters.

Security camera footage showed two men breaking in through a grilled window, police said. The alarm sounded just before 5 a.m. local time (0359 GMT) and officers were there five minutes later. But the burglars had escaped.

It would be impossible to sell such unique, identifiable items on the open market, added Marion Ackermann, director of museums in the surrounding state of Saxony.

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