Will US Replace Coal with Renewable Energy Soon?

Dubai – Masaader News 

Renewable energy like: Solar and wind power are growing so rapidly that for the first time ever, the United States will likely get more power from renewable energy in 2021 than from coal, according to projections from the Institute for Energy Economic and Financial Analysis, according to CNN.

For decades, coal was the cornerstone of the power industry. But a combination of environmental concerns, aging plants and competition have caused a sharp decline in coal usage in the United States.

US power plants are expected to consume less coal next year than at any point since 1978, according to the EIA. That will cause coal’s market share to drop below 22%, compared with 28% in 2018. That shrinking market share makes existing coal plants even less profitable.

Dennis Wamsted, editor and analyst at IEEFA, is predicting that 2021 will be the “crossover year” in the United States, where coal is supplanted by renewables, which include solar, wind, hydropower, biomass and geothermal.

“Coal and renewables are rapidly heading in opposite directions,” Wamsted said in a report.”If the crossover doesn’t occur in 2021, it will without a doubt do so by 2022.”

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