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Trump Signs a Bill Supports Protesters in Hong Kong

Dubai – Masaader News 

Donald Trump, US President, has signed a bill that supports protesters in Hong Kong, according to BBC.

The Human Rights and Democracy Act mandates an annual review, to check if Hong Kong has enough autonomy to justify its special status with the US.

China’s foreign ministry threatened “counter measures” if the US continued “going down the wrong path”.

Mr Trump is currently seeking a deal with China, in order to end a trade war between the two countries.

“The US has been disregarding facts and distorting truth,” a Chinese foreign ministry statement said.

The foreign ministry summoned the US ambassador to demand that Washington stops interfering in Chinese internal affairs.

Hong Kong’s government also reacted, saying the American bill would send the wrong signal and would not help to ease the situation.

But a key activist in the Hong Kong protest movement, Joshua Wong, said the US law was a “remarkable achievement” for “all Hongkongers”

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