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Earthquake Hits Turkey: 21 Dead and 1000 Injures

Dubai – Masaader News

A 6.8 magnitude quake, centred on the town of Sivrice in Elazig province in Turkey, caused buildings to collapse, 21 dead and 1000 injuries, according to BBC.

According to Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (Afad), there were more than 200 aftershocks recorded after the earthquake.

It said more than 400 rescue teams are heading towards the region, along with beds and tents for those displaced. It warned people not to return to damaged buildings in case of aftershocks.

“It was very scary – furniture fell on top of us. We rushed outside,” AFP news agency quoted 47-year-old Melahat Can, who lives in the city of Elazig, as saying.

The region struck by the quake, some 550 km (340 miles) east of the capital Ankara, is remote and sparsely populated, so details of damage and fatalities could be slow to emerge.

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