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3D Printing Makes Egyptian Mummy Speak

Dubai – Masaader News 

Scientists made Mummy of Egyptian priest talk for life after death by producing a 3D-printed voice box based on Nesyamun’s vocal tract, which was scanned to establish its precise dimensions, according to BBC.

Nesyamun’s voice has been reproduced as a vowel-like sound that is reminiscent of a sheep’s bleat.

The priest lived during the politically volatile reign of Pharaoh Ramses XI, between 1099 and 1069BC.

When Nesyamun died, his voice fell silent, but 3,000 years on, a team of researchers have brought it back to life.

It is believed to be the first project of its kind to successfully recreate the voice of a dead person through artificial means. In the future, the researchers hope to use computer models to recreate full sentences in Nesyamun’s voice.

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