Emirates NBD Egypt wins International Finance’s Best Digital Bank in Egypt 2019

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ENBD Egypt was awarded the title of Best Digital Bank in Egypt 2019 by International Finance, the renowned English magazine specialized in monitoring of major, international economic and banking institutions. The bank has held this title for three consecutive years with this most recent award being a result of the extensive digital and technological services provided by Emirates NBD Egypt in the market. The ceremony was held on the 23rd of January and received by ENBD Egypt’s Head of Digitization & Innovation, Digital Banking & Alternative Channels, Mourad Kassem.

International Finance emphasized that Emirates NBD Egypt has been selected for their continued excellence in providing innovative, technologically-led banking and digital services. These solutions are geared towards making the banking experience at Emirates NBD Egypt streamlined facilitating convenience for its customers.

One of the numerous strides in innovative technology developed by the bank is their branch pre-booking application which allows customers to pre-book time slots at any Emirates NBD Egypt branch. Additionally, the new Smart Touch feature on the bank’s mobile application enables customers to complete transactions and access other services using fingerprint recognition technology.

These services are what distinguish Emirates NBD Egypt from their competitors and reaffirm the bank’s leading position in the market. Through innovation, the bank expresses their intent on making banking more convenient for customers by incorporating cutting-edge features and 24/7 service availability into their technological portfolio. This can also be seen with their APTRA Activate ATM system which provides remote branch services to ATM users.

Commenting on this award, the Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates NBD Egypt, Mohamed Zakout stated that this title was “…his greatest happiness” mentioning, “Emirates NBD Egypt winning the title of Best Digital Bank in Egypt 2019 from International Finance enhances the bank’s position as a pioneer in technological services in the market.”

Zakout noted that, in 2018, the bank received four awards for excellence in mobile banking applications and the title of Best Bank in Egypt 2018 from The Banker Africa in large part due to Emirates NBD Egypt’s introduction of fingerprint technology as an alternative to traditional passwords. Highlighting the success of the e-wallet service, Zakout stated that the number of Emirates NBD Egypt’s clientele in response to this feature has risen to about 3 million, representing one third of e-wallet users in the local market.

Emirates NBD Egypt has also obtained an additional four awards during 2018 from The Banker Africa for being the best bank in retail banking, the most sophisticated and creative banking institution, the best bank to provide internet banking services, and the best bank in digital services.

These prestigious distinctions have made Emirates NBD Egypt a symbol of innovation in the banking and electronic services market and is a testament to the bank’s growing commitment to its customers.

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