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Coronavirus Spreads in 16 Countries with 132 Deaths and 6000 Infected

Dubai – Masaader News

Number of deaths from the virus has risen to 132 in China, number of cases of new coronavirus, at more than 9,000, has surpassed the number of Sars cases in 2003 – 8,000 according to World Health Organization figures.

Hundreds of foreign nationals are being evacuated from Wuhan, the centre of China’s coronavirus outbreak, as more deaths and cases were confirmed.

Australia plans to quarantine its evacuees on Christmas island 2,000km (1,200 miles) from the mainland.

Japan, the US and the EU are also repatriating their citizens.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called the virus a “devil” but said China would defeat it.

An expert from the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC) said it could take 10 more days for the outbreak to peak.

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