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What Phones Will WhatsApp Stop Working On?

Dubai – Masaader News 

WhatsApp will no longer work on millions of smartphones. Smartphones using Android 2.3.7 and older, and iPhone iOS 8 or older, are those affected by the update, according to BBC.

WhatsApp said the move was necessary in order to protect the security of its users.

Most users will simply be able to update their operating systems in order to continue using the messaging service.

However, certain devices, such as iPhone 4s, which only support iOS 7, will no longer be compatible with the app.

“WhatsApp clearly had no option but to ensure its service remains secure, however it faces the difficult side-effect that the app is no longer compatible with older smartphones,” said CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood.

WhatsApp, which was the fourth most-downloaded app of the decade, first warned users that these changes would happen back in 2017.

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