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Coronavirus: How Does Artificial Intelligence Help Humanity?

Dubai – Masaader News

Artificial Intelligence is helping to save humanity from Coronavirus. A 3D-printer company in Italy has designed and printed 100 life-saving respirator valves in 24 hours for a hospital that had run out of them, according to BBC.

The valve connects patients in intensive care to breathing machines.

The hospital, in Brescia, had 250 coronavirus patients in intensive care and the valves are designed to be used for a maximum of eight hours at a time.

The 3D-printed version cost less than €1 (90p) each to produce and the prototype took three hours to design.

“The valve has very thin holes and tubes, smaller than 0.8m – it’s not easy to print the pieces,” Mr Fracassi said.

Nevertheless, a second hospital had now got in touch, requesting more valves.

“We haven’t slept for two days,” he said.

“We’re trying to save lives.”

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