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Covid-19: Dubai Airports CEO Expects 18-24 Months Recovery Time Frame

Dubai International Airport recorded 17.8 million customers in Q1 2020

Dubai – Masaader News

Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths  expected that while the airport operator is taking appropriate measures to control costs, optimise liquidity, facilitate cargo and repatriation flights and prepare for a timely and proportionate activation of facilities and services at Dubai International (DXB) to support the resumption of scheduled traffic, the timing and the speed of air traffic recovery will ultimately depend on the development of a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19.


“The COVID-19 pandemic is of a very different nature than any previous crisis in that it has affected supply, demand and health security and by extension the entire global economy,” said Griffiths.

He added: “We’re dealing with a monster here for which we clearly have to find a solution. Until there is a proven level of confidence medically that people can travel without fear”

First Quarter

As a result of, COVID-19 had a noticeable impact on passenger traffic at the world’s leading international airport .

During the first quarter of the year as DXB recorded a total of 17.8 million customers, a year on year contraction of 19.8% .


However, the current inability to safely travel is diminishing that demand.”

So, Restoring consumer confidence is another area requiring industry attention.

Griffiths confirmed that Dubai Airports will continue to ensure a safe and healthy airport environment by enabling social distancing .

“In the short term, until we get a medical and technical solution, we will have robust measures in place. And while we will all have to practice social distancing in the near term.”



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