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Facebook to Build Internet Cable to Support Further Growth of 4G, 5G

It will Supply Faster Internet to 16 Countries in Africa

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Facebook seeks to build an Internet cable to globally support further growth of 4G, 5G , the technology giant is teaming up with telecoms companies to create a 37,000km (23,000-mile) undersea cable to supply faster internet to 16 countries.

It will be ready for use by 2024, which is a part of a long-running bid by Facebook to take its social media platform to Africa’s young population, according to Facebook announcement .

Its length – almost equal to the circumference of the Earth – will make it one of the longest, it said.

Africa and Middle East


Facebook says: ” When the cable will provide a new route will deliver much-needed internet capacity, in the MEAN”.

Where it will support further growth of 4G, 5G, and broadband access for hundreds of millions of people.

It will run around the whole of Africa. Meanwhile, the move highlights increased interest from Silicon Valley companies in Africa.

It will be just shy of the Earth’s 40,000km circumference Sub-sea cables carry the vast majority of the world’s data.

The Facebook new cable can will provide  much more data and offer faster transmission at a lower cost compared with other methods.

The cable  will be built by Nokia Oyj’s Alcatel Submarine Networks.

It will run along the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

However the continent represents enormous alternatives for expertise corporations and companies.

Modern Digital Society

A primary goal of the initiative, Facebook says, is to bring increased connectivity to Africa.

The cost of the 2Africa project has not been disclosed but it could be close to $1bn.

Facebook previously had plans to beam internet to remote areas using solar-powered drones.

The 2Africa project was made more efficient by the use of aluminum .

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