Egytrans collaborates with Maritime and Land Transport Holding Company to strengthen Intra-African trade through “Jusur” project

Egytrans studies the establishment of warehouse solution

By Mohamed Kamal

Egytrans a leading transport and logistics company has been commissioned by the Maritime and Land Transport Holding Company, to study and evaluate the establishment of warehouses under the new project Jusur “Bridges”, which aims at enforcing Intra-African trade and economic relations in line with the government’s strategy to increase exports to Africa.

Under the agreement Egytrans will be conducting technical and market research as part of the plan to establish a logistical infrastructure in Central and East Africa . Partnering with Egytrans in the study is B2B due to their extensive knowledge of African markets. Work on these studies begins in May this year, to be submitted to the Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport in stages that end in June 2020.

“The potential of this project is tremendous and underlines the importance the government is placing on establishing Egypt as a logistical hub. This study is the first step towards evaluating the expansion opportunities. The potential outcome in terms of enhanced trade and economic relations is significant and as Egytrans we are excited to be part of this significant step for our company and our country,“ says Abir Leheta Chairman of Egytrans adding that “the cooperation between the Maritime and Land Transport Holding Company who have extensive experience and the resources and capability towards implementing such a tremendous project along with B2B with their understanding of African markets represents a positive step in the right direction.”

B2B has considerable expertise in African economy, database and history of working with major clients in the African markets while Egytrans is one of the leading logistics and transport companies in the market while it has retained a leading share in the transport and logistics sector.

Commenting on the project, Mohamed Hashem, Managing Director of B2B Company stated, “Being chosen to collaborate with Egytrans on the development strategy for warehouses in Eastern and Central African countries is proof of the success we have achieved in the field of African market studies and research, and we hope that this project will be added to our track record in this field”.

The studies carried out by Egytrans in collaboration with B2B includes studying the most suitable locations to establish warehouses in Africa, as well as determining the most appropriate legal form for them. The studies will also provide data on market needs as well as the needs and procedures for conducting business in the chosen countries.

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