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Egyptian Developer OUD Organises OC Environmental Day In Marsa Allam

By Mohamed Kamal

OUD organises OC Environmental Day with participation of 30 families, foreigners and Egyptians
Tourists are heading to Marsa Alam after reopening the economy with Oriental Coast recording the highest occupancy rates

Oriental Urban Development organized OC Environment Day with the attendance of up to 30 families residing in Marsa Allam’s Oriental Coast project.

Holding OC Environment Day this time actually parallels the reopening of tourism venues and Oriental Coast recording highest occupancy rates.

Owners of housing units in Oriental Coast project attending this event are nationals of Italy and Egypt, among other nationalities.
Participants kept removing waste from areas of Mangrove, Beach and Frontier inside the project. Also, Children took part in growing several plants and threw fruit seeds. A barbeque was arranged without overlooking Coronavirus precautionary measures.

To memorialize the event and build intimate relations with the clients, participants wore T-shirts with Oriental Coast insignia and photos were taken.
Oriental Coast’s high occupancy rates signal a return to normalcy as well as tourists’ confidence in preventive measures in play.

Fine weather, sunshine, perfect hygiene, pure tranquilizing air, massive trees as well as absence of crowding commercial activities characterizing the Red Sea’s Marsa Alam resort proved to be alluring enough to turn the area into a hub for tourists.

Oriental Coast’s Matangi phase withstood Coronavirus crisis that hit hard the real estate sector, as it recorded big sales in recent months.

Oriental Coast spreads over 1200 feddans (5.5mln sqm) at the Red Sea Coast. With a beachfront of 7.5km long and 400m wide, Oriental Coast is only 30km away from Marsa Alam Airport. Since 2006, up to 20% of Oriental Coast beach started off.

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