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Manara Developments launches Bella Vento Galala at EGP 4bn investments

By – Mohamed Kamal

Manara Developments announced the launch of Bella Vento resort over 65 acres in Ein Sokhno’s Galala at LE4bn investments.

According to Manara Developments Board Member Mahmoud Omar, Bella Vento resort conveys the company’s readiness to roll out a tourist groundbreaking integrated product teeming with all services, and thus make an astounding debut in the market and a starting point towards the accomplishment of trailblazing upcoming projects.

“The company is interested in executing projects in the 4th Generation Cities, in line with the state’s overall development and construction plan, because it believes that the private sector and the state should work hand in hand to carry out the state-sponsored 2030 Development Plan,” said he.

The developer has already started the construction works at its Galala-based project and was keen to execute up to 40 percent of Bella Vento before kicking off the pertinent marketing campaign so as to “attest to its earnestness and satisfy clients, as the first phase of the project is scheduled to be delivered late 2022.”
With the aim of attending to clients’ needs without delay, Bella Vento consists of residential units with varied spaces and specifications together with lofty services to ensure the compound is throbbing with life all year long.

Bella Vento resort is made up of 1100 units subdivided into chalets and villas with spaces ranging from 100 to 220 m at prices averaging LE18500 per meter. Only

Exquisite fully-finished units fitting everyone’s taste will be up for delivery, he continued.

“The project has a 400m beachfront, as all units are built in the shape of letter U in order to gain an unrestricted view of the sea.”

Additionally, Bella Vento contains a tourist hotel, a social club, entertainment and commercial services, along with green spaces and landscaping.
Selecting Galala city to host the resort reflects the developer’s firm belief in its investment opportunities and the availability of vigorous state-built infrastructure and amenities such as roads, desalination plants, in addition to developmental projects that add value to any investment projects in the city like universities, schools, administrative institutions, hotels and diverse entertainment & industrial projects.

Further still, the city includes Tiba District and the first Olympic city ready to host any state-sponsored sporting events, not to mention the largest aqua parks and a marina for yachts.

In the meantime, Manara Developments is holding negotiations to get a plot of land at New El Alamein within its Egyptian market’s expansion plan.

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