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AIJRF To Moderate Panel Discussion At the 10th WCSA Worldwide Conference

Dubai- Massader News

“Artificial Intelligence Journalism Governance, the Future of Media and AI Technologies 2030”,,  is the title of the panel discussion ,which will be moderated by Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) UAE-based think tank  at the 10th WCSA Worldwide Conference for an Emerging Global Governance System , in Lisbon, Portugal on April 20th-22nd 2022.

Professor. Mohamed Abdulzaher, academic and Artificial Intelligence Journalism pioneer, CEO of AIJFR, he will moderate the panel discussion.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher
Artificial Intelligence Journalism pioneer
Main Topics

Many topics will be discussed at the AIJFR panel discussion such as : How to search and forecast the future of the media industry in the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions? .And how would 4IR and 5IR technologies shape the media industry in the era of Artificial Intelligence Journalism, and beyond in the era of the 7G  Journalism?” , added Dr. Abdulzaher.

Also, He added that: ” the panel will be handling  how to  design the world human dynamic skills map?, Artificial Intelligence Journalism Governance, and answer to the main question of: how would artificial intelligence tools and  solutions reduce the dynamic skills gap between global human talents?

World Possibilities

It will discuss the future world possibilities, and challenges toset rules and regulations to manage for artificial intelligence technologies Governance in some humanitarian fields such as:

  • Governance to manage the AI technologies in Media and mass communications.
  • Artificial Intelligence Journalism Governance to manage the applications in healthcare and medical fields.
  • Governance to manage the artificial intelligence solutions and tools in Remote learning.
  • Governance to manage the artificial intelligence technologies in sustainable cities.
About  AIJRF

Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) UAE-based Think Tank established in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, by a group of professors and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of Humans 2050, and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.

Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF), is forecasting future of Humans 2050, particularly in light of the technological advances and artificial intelligence technologies in various fields: Media and Entertainment, Information and Communications Technology, Culture, Healthcare, Education, Economic, Sustainable Development Goals, and designing the future of Smart and Sustainable Cities.

AIJRF is the main innovation engine between: Academics, Global AI Manufacturers, Governments and Media.

AIJRF manages the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF), the first global platform  and annual event to bring together academics, media professionals and specialists in AI technologies from educational institutions, universities and the media.

AIJRF also manages The Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index‎ (GAIJI), which measures the efficient utilization and dependence of AI Journalism technologies and tools in the media. On an annual basis, the index will be interviewing 100+ media companies across six main key indicators.


The World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA) is a think-tank whose motto is “research determines policy, which determines politics.”  WCSA is also an organizational systemic hub of a network of world-class complexity system scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs, and policymakers for the diffusion of the “Complex System Approach”.

Professor Andrea Pitasi President of the World Complexity Science Academy
Professor Andrea Pitasi President of the WCSA, Italy

The “Complex System Approach”, inspired by Jean Piaget’s, Heinz von Foerster’s, Ernst von Glasersfeld’s and Niklas Luhmann’s systemic constructivism, is meant as an interdisciplinary paradigm and an applied strategic toolkit for addressing the main global challenges and opportunities of our time — in terms of world-order policy-modeling and policy-making.

As a think-and-do-tank, WCSA aims to facilitate the worldwide sharing of high added-value knowledge and the free circulation of intellectual and strategic capitals at a global scale, thereby facilitating transnational and supranational win/win policies.

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